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Student Life & Athletics

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As each child and young person enters the school door each morning, your son or daughter brings the desire to be more like our Creator. Christian values are at the center of Dayspring’s culture and the springhouse for decisions throughout the day in each classroom. It is an honor for youth 5th grade, middle school, and high school students to have time set aside each day for Bible class. During these sessions young people open dialogue to discuss how to apply the Scriptures to daily living, through journaling, presentations, testimonials, and daily Scriptures.

Community Service

The heart of the servant is continually nurtured. Children and youth are actively serving our community. Annually, our student body and faculty have collectively worked over 4,500 hours serving our community.

Student Council

Student Council is a service and leadership organization. The executive council initiative is to provide opportunities to secure funds for student projects and to provide extra-curricular events for the student body. Members also plan homecoming events and host Student Council Week which is always a highlight of the year for everyone.

Beta Club

Beta Club is an honor society where students receive national recognition for their hard work and diligence to academic excellence.

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Art Club

In addition to art class during the school day, join after-school art classes for the elementary student to further develop knowledge of analytic tools.

Robotics Team

In conjunction with our engineering program in high school, each student participates in the robotics class. Through inquiry and research the robotics team faces a new challenge every year to construct and program a robot based on the new specifications. The team competes in regional and state competitions annually where they have an opportunity to earn a seat at the worldwide competition.

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Piano/Guitar Lessons

Students in first grade through senior year have the opportunity for a weekly piano or guitar lesson during the school day. This is a service to the family, you don’t have to worry about rushing to a music lesson after school.

Elementary & Middle School Science Teams

Each student throughout elementary and middle school competes in regional science competitions. The events focus on a variety of topics from forensic science to bridge construction.

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Middle and high school students have the opportunity to participate in full-scale theatrical productions at DSA’s state-of-the-art theater. Students learn acting, set design, costume design, and lighting/sound production.

Elementary Related Arts

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