7th Grade Science

3 Sharpened Pencils (Mechanical pencils are fine, but bring extra lead!)

8 – pack of colored pencils

Blue or black pens

Pencil Pouch

Loose-leaf paper

3-ring binder with at least 2 dividers

Flash Drive (this will be used for all classes)

Tissues, Paper Towels, Dry-erase markers (optional)*


My name is Daniel Hinson; welcome to my science class! Scientists are simply 

people who study the world around you. Without science, very few of the things around 

us would exist. Whether you are watching t.v., turning on a light, or even eating 

breakfast, science is working for you. Science has always fascinated me, and I look 

forward to sharing it with you! 

All students will be expected to have all of the materials above. The pencils and 

pens will be kept in your pencil pouch, which will be in your binder. All notes, quizzes, 

etc. will be kept in your binder as well. 

*I am always in need of markers, tissues, and paper towels for my classroom. It is 

certainly not required, but if you wish to bring any of these items for the classroom, it 

would be greatly appreciated!

I am looking forward to a great year with you all!