6th Grade Math

You will need the following:

  • (4 different colors) Highlighters

  • Pencils

  • 1.5” Binder (no zip-up binders, just a nice, plain binder☺)

  • Binder Dividers

  • Lined, loose leaf notebook paper (preferably college-


  • Flash Drive (only 1 which will be used for all classes)

  • Scientific Calculator

  • Mathematics Compass (Heads up: Plastic compasses are

    challenging to use)

  • Ruler

  • Clear Protractor

  • Graph Paper

  • Large eraser

  • Pencil pack with rings that fit in binder

  • Place all supplies in pencil pack, put the pack in the

    binder, and come prepared for a great first Monday! See you soon!

    Please pick 2 items from the following list and bring back to our class:

    Paper towels
    Hand Sanitizer
    Soft Candy
    Dry Erase Board Markers or Erasers