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2018-2019 Schedule

The uniform policy is intended to promote modesty, neatness, consistency, and a positive school image.
The policy exists to encourage concentration on learning rather than attire.

The current school uniform is as follows:

  • All uniforms are ordered through Land’s End at

  • Dayspring’s preferred school number is 900126251

  • Students are required to have a casual uniform and a dress uniform


All students wear a casual (everyday) uniform which consists of khaki/navy pants or shorts and a polo with our school logo. Approved school sweater or fleece is optional.  Upper class gentlemen are asked to wear a belt.


Elementary dress uniform for young men include khaki pants, white oxford shirt, school tie, and belt.  Approved school sweater or vest is optional.  

Elementary dress uniform for ladies include plaid jumper (grades K-2) with white oxford, plaid skirt (grades 3-5) with white oxford.  Yellow sweater is required for grades 3 - 5.   


Upper Class (grades 6-12) dress uniform for gentlemen include gray dress slacks, white oxford, and school tie (plaid for middle grades and gold/navy stripe for high schoolers).  Navy blazer is required for grades 11-12.  Navy sweater and vest are optional.  

Upper Class (grades 6-12) dress uniform for ladies include plaid skirt, white oxford shirt, navy sweater for middle grades, and navy blazer with school logo for high school grades.  


Once you are logged on to the Land’s End website and enter Dayspring Academy’s preferred school number, details of which uniform is required per grade level is available.  You will be sure to get the correct uniform for your child as long as you are logged on appropriately.