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Supporting DSA

The support of parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff, and members of the community make the mission of Dayspring a reality in the lives of our children and youth.

A meaningful education in a secure environment, guides a child in understanding his purpose. This basic principle includes developing an independent thinker that is respectful of others and able to contribute to team building in our community and our world.

For the past six years through the efforts of many volunteers and financial supporters, along with a strong and endearing commitment to education from faculty and staff, our children are realizing their academic potential and recognizing their God-given abilities to make sound decisions based on Christian values.

From an elderly woman knowing she is giving all she is able to give comes a dollar, passing a torch – one of realizing the good in our youth – from her heart to our future….

To technical equipment from rugged individuals of a local sport’s team who live their lives – shining brightly to all of us – exhibiting knowledge and understanding that determination and perseverance is at the core of who we are….

And, from our parents and grandparents, the tremendous sense of volunteerism day in and day out – focused, steady – providing the necessary support to create an environment valuing controlled, forward momentum for academic and social growth of each child….

Through the support of many, Dayspring is committed to passing on a torch of hope for the youth and future of our community – a newly formed beacon providing stability for youth and families.

Join the effort by supporting DSA.