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Sound is an integral part of our world and it is important to offer children the opportunity of “playing” with sound and further developing one of the senses. A student of music at Dayspring learns music by playing his or her favorite genre. This is one of the many strategies utilized to assist him or her in desiring to practice. In turn, one investigates the varying styles within a genre of music.

At Dayspring, the goal of music is not to graduate the prodigy pianist though this is possible. Rather the goal for a student of music is to strengthen his or her desire to investigate sound, learn music, revise and refine style, and equally important – have an outlet which enables expression of his or her thoughts and feelings on varying subjects over the course of time.

Bluegrass or jazz, country or classical, instructors who keep their skills honed by spending half their time in the music industry via live performances and studio work, offer guitar, mandolin, drums, piano, and banjo lessons.