Kindergarten Supply List

____1 backpack (which will fit in a cubby, and will hold a pocket folder)

____2 packs of primary sized pencils ____1 pair of small scissors
____2 packs of Elmers glue sticks ____2 bottles of glue

____4 packs of 24 count Crayola crayons

____(2) 5/8 inch primary red and blue lined writing paper tablets

____1 set of 10 tab dividers

____ 1 paper pocket folder

____1 composition style primary writing journal

____1 pack of washable markers

____1 pack of presorted loose-leaf construction paper

____1 pack of pink erasers

____1 individual watercolor

____2 boxes of 100 count snack size Ziploc bags

____2 inch thick nap mat with cover, small blanket, and a small pillow

____1 set of personal headphones (no earbuds)

____(2) 1⁄2 inch binders with a clear sleeves on the front

**In addition, if you would like you may bring one or more of the following for our class.

____1 box of tissues

____1 pack of Clorox wipes

____1 roll of paper towels

____1 large pack of google eyes


____1 large pack of baby wipe