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Dayspring Unwound

Dayspring Unwound is a cardiovascular jump rope program. 1st-5th grade students try out for the team and practice weekly, performing at home basketball games. Team members are also happy to perform at community events throughout the year.

Studies have shown that jumping rope is one of the most efficient workouts possible. It tones muscles in the entire body, developing long, lean muscles in all of the major muscle groups. Not only does jumping rope improve cardiovascular health, it also maximizes athletic skills by combining agility, coordination, timing, and endurance. Unwound not only promotes all of these, it also builds leadership skills, corporation and teamwork. Jumpers have to communicate with one another to execute individual and partner tricks, long rope tricks and team maneuvers. Dayspring Unwound proves that jumping rope is an exercise that quickly improves fitness levels, teamwork, builds self-esteem, and – most importantly – demonstrates that exercise can be fun and enjoyable!

Coach Kelsey Hinson