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Dayspring’s approach to Christian education may differ from what one would consider the norm. We live in a highly competitive world in which academic demands present increasing challenges for our youths while at the same time we live in a society that is experiencing ever increasing attacks on Christian values. The academic schedule at Dayspring Academy is rigorous and the various achievements by our graduates are testimonies to a successful academic program. But, the purpose of Dayspring does not stop with high ACT scores or scholarships. There is another element that is so important, and that is each student’s growth as a person. We cannot measure that by an ACT score but only by observing their daily lives and the fruit they are producing.

An example that embodies this whole thought is the parable of the good Samaritan in Luke 10:30-37. A man was robbed, beaten and left in the street half dead. A couple of men considered to be religious saw the fellow and passed by on the other side of the street. They knew what they should have done, they simply made the wrong choice. Then along came the Samaritan….

Young people more often than not will make the right choice if the environment they are in supports Biblical morals. Monday thru Friday, excluding the time they are asleep, our children spend about ½ of their time at school. Often students are influenced by their peers while being lost in the crowd of a thousand or more students. But in a safe environment with a small student to teacher ratio, an administration that has complete freedom to use Biblical guidance and application in working through the many issues young people face on a day to day basis, the results are phenomenal. It is an approach to character education that emphasizes putting what the student knows into practice and a school environment that makes it possible to assess the progress. This is truly one of the greatest Dayspring differences.

Students at Dayspring routinely work in the Friend’s of Dayspring Thrift Store, a service project that has clothed many families during a time of need. We were given the opportunity to help with maintenance projects at a facility for foster children. After a hard day’s work Dayspring students enjoyed science experiments, playing basketball and baking cookies with several children. We also spent a very special day preparing for Veteran’s Day at a military cemetery, helping the wonderful crew there put out American flags at each headstone. Thousands of heroes are buried there and this was also a special time for the Dayspring students and staff.

Academic excellence is vitally important for the future success in the lives of our children but the people they become will leave a lasting effect on generations.